Dear Member,

A word of sincere appreciation is extended towards all members who participated in this year's national competition ! 

There was again a significant increase in the number of Ladies who participated as well as in the number of Juniors participating.  Something for which we have very high appreciation.  

As per usual, we publish Preliminary Rankings before we publish the final rankings and scores. This to allow participants in the National Competition to lodge Appeals if they feel that their scores are incorrectly reflected.  Or they perceive that they have been wrongly placed in ranking in a specific competition exercise they had participated in.

Please do not hesitate to lodge an Appeal if you would want to.  It is important for us at Natshoot that participants should not feel slighted at a later stage because they did not speak up at the time.

Participants who would want to Appeal specific rankings or scores may lodge such up to 24:00 on 28 October 2022.  Unfortunately we shall not be able to accept any Appeals later than that time as we want to finalise the courier of medals before middle December.

Please send an Email to [email protected] with the word "Appeal" somewhere in the heading please.  Remember to include at least the first 7 numbers of your ID in the Email so that we can quickly get to your 2022 competition records, please.

Please click on the exercises you participated in for this year's national competition to see your preliminary ranking on this web page: 

We endeavour to publish the final rankings for the 2022 national competition not later than 15 November.

Kind Regards

Natshoot Office