Gauteng Covid Lockdown: DFFE Hunting Regulations

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 17 (27) - 05-07-2021


This Newsletter Replaces our Newsletter Vol 17 (24) of 29-06-2021 with heading: Hunting in Level 4 Lockdown (Gauteng 2021)

Dear Member,

The Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment has today published Regulations regarding the crossing of Gauteng borders for hunting purposes, which reads as follows:.

- Inter-provincial travel to or from Gauteng is permitted for hunting with the primary purpose of obtaining meat for consumption, and culling

- Game parks, botanical gardens, zoos and aquaria are open to the public.

Members can read the Regulations as published in Government Gazette no. 591 dated 5 July 2021, HERE

We still advise that you try and get documentation from the farmer/rancher that you will be hunting with him/her for consumptive purposes, or that you will assist with culling.  It just makes the paperwork better if you should be stopped on the Gauteng border. 

The farmer / game rancher and the hunter must complete the form you can download HERE

Members can also use the form kindly made available by WRSA - download HERE

The form can be used for culling too.  We advise that members rather have more documents than required with them for if they should be stopped in a road block (an ID document is compulsory).

We also advise that you make a copy of the Gazette and transport it with you when you have to travel over Gauteng borders to and from your hunting destination

We extend a sincere word of appreciation towards SAAI who played a large part in getting the Regulations worded as they are.  Thank you!

Please travel safely and protect yourselves against the gogga at all times (it’s still all around us) !

Kind Regards, Natshoot Office