SAPS system opened to acceptapplications related to amnesty

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 17 (17) - 18-05-2021


Dear Member,

We are pleased to share with you the official response received from the SAPS command structures, by voice of Lt General Motlhala. It confirms that their electronic system has now been rectified and is active again, for the capture of new licence applications which were handed in under the amnesty.

Our legal adviser, Mr. Juan Kotzé, sent an urgent letter (on behalf of Natshoot and PHASA) to the Minister of Police and the relevant command structures of SAPS, requesting rectification of their electronic system and proposed various procedures to be implemented / adhered to, in terms of them closing their system to accept new applications emanating from the amnesty.


Mr. Kotzé’s letter referred to the already existing regulations within the Firearms Control Act as well as the recent judgement in the Fidelity case against the Minister of Police and others (Newsletter Vol. 17 (14) - 23-04-2021).


This was prompted by the fact that, SAPS Central Firearms Registry indicated on 1 May 2021 that their electronic system will be closed for capturing or processing of any further, new amnesty applications (of which a number are still unprocessed at some stations).


Although the Official response does not indicate their acceptance of, or attention to, the proposals regarding their policies and procedures we gladly welcome their reaction to the request regarding their system activation.


The official response from Lt General Motlhala


Be assured that Natshoot will continue to press these matters with the SAPS and Central Firearms Registry, in the interest of our members.


Kind Regards, Natshoot Office