VOL. 17 (02) - 22-01-2021


Dear Member,

If you have an expired white licence which you have not yet managed under the amnesty, we urge you to please seriously consider participating in the amnesty before Sunday 31 January 2021.  Hand in that firearm under the amnesty at your police station as quick as you can (at least before next Friday 29 January).

SAPS have apparently been ordered to keep offices open till 21:00 on Saturday and Sunday (30 & 31 January) for purposes of the amnesty.  But 21:00 is the time of curfew, and we cannot say if all police stations will adhere to the order to remain open on Saturday & Sunday.

When you hand in the firearm under the amnesty, indicate that you will apply for a new licence within 14 days and make sure the policeman states that on the documentation you get back confirming you handed in the firearm under the amnesty.  Do not miss this 14-day date as the firearm will then definitely be destroyed.

Then at least you have some time to get your paperwork in order to apply for a new licence (SAPS 271 form) and renewal of the specific type of firearm’s competency (if your competency for that type of firearm is not valid).  

Please do not think that SAPS will not execute sanction against persons with firearms with expired white licences, which have not been managed under the amnesty.  Remember this is the second amnesty since 1 December 2019.  That constitutes amnesty for firearms with expired white licences for 12 months (irrespective of all Covid regulations and lockdowns).

Please also do not work on a principle of saying “…they will not get my firearm as it will be lost in their possession…”.  Once a firearm is in possession of SAPS, it is SAPS’s responsibility to take care of that firearm (you are the one who will be taken to task as you are the one in possession of an illegal firearm).

We do not doubt that SAPS will from 1 February 2021 start to target people who have firearms with expired white licences which were not managed under the 2 amnesties (again: you are illegally in possession of such a firearm).

The best that could happen to such a person is that SAPS will just come to confiscate that firearm – remember they know where you live.

Such a person will also be lucky if SAPS does not also order a section 102 investigation against him/her, which could possibly cost that person his/her competencies to own firearms.  A process which could result in the loss of all that person's firearms.

Worst case scenario is that SAPS confiscates the firearm and arrests the person for possession of an illegal firearm, resulting in a criminal record and even possibly jail-time.

All necessary information needed regarding the current amnesty can be read in the four Newsletters on this Natshoot web page -

Please do not take the content of this Newsletter lightly.


Kind Regards

Dr Herman Els

Executive Chair

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