Please Do Not Get Caught Up In Emotionally Loaded Situations


VOL. 16 (52) - 12-10-2020


Dear Member

Our heart-felt condolences have to be extended to the family and friends of Brendan Horner who was horribly murdered in Senekal on 5 October this year.

Unfortunately, the situation in Senekal, has as you are aware, been blown out of proportions by events, which took place in that town last week.

We are aware of rumours of groups allegedly asking people to gather in Senekal on 16 October with their firearms, as the EFF are allegedly going to “march” on Senekal on that date.  This is an emotional “call to arms” of innocent people who can be criminally charged or at the worst, become involved in firearm related violence.  These are both situations we at Natshoot can never condone.

We also ask members not to forward any social media messages inciting people to partake in the above described activities.  Please do not “pour petrol onto a very dangerous fire” which could get out of hand in the blink of an eye.

We ask our members to please NOT participate in any public gathering where they have their private firearms with them.  It is illegal to have any kind of firearm with you at a public gathering of the kind suggested to take place in Senekal or had taken place there.

Section 8 (4) of the Regulation of Gatherings Act, No. 205 of 1993 prohibits the possession of firearms at any gathering in any street or public place where more than 15 people are present (that includes self-defence firearms).

If you are to be found with a firearm at such a gathering, you could be held criminally accountable and you could get a criminal record.  That means you will lose your competency to own firearms, as well as all your firearms and you will probably only be allowed to own firearms after five years or longer if you are lucky to be declared competent again.

We ask for calm and request our members to act responsibly at all times where firearms are involved.  One incident can blow all matters concerning privately owned firearms “out of the water”, apart from the fact that firearm violence between groups in private gatherings is the last thing we can afford in our country.

We understand the situation in Senekal and know that there is a lot of emotion attached thereto.  Murders on our farms is a serious matter which it seems the Minister of Police does not interpret as so serious.  We have to keep on speaking against such a uninvolved and unacceptable stance by Minister Cele.

Please act responsible where firearms are concerned as your possible actions in one unguarded moment can have tremendous negative effects for all legal firearm owners in our country. 

All privately owned firearms are licenced for specific personal purposes.   Remember you may use your firearm where it is safe and legal to do so.  Public gatherings are both unsafe and illegal places to have private firearms.

Please stay safe and take care

Natshoot Office

The posting of this Natshoot Newsletter communicated via Email to all members on 12-10-2020