Important Covid-19 Regulation Change Re Susbsitence Hunting Under Level-3


VOL. 16 (41) - 28-07-2020


Dear Member,

1.   The Department of Forestry, Fisheries and Environment (DFFE) this morning in Government Gazette # 43564 issued a new set of Regulations applicable to subsistence hunting under Level-3 Lockdown, effective from today (28-07-2020).

2.   As from 28 July 2020, subsistence hunting is allowed within one’s own province only, and no stay over at the game farm is permitted.

3.   That means one is only allowed to travel to conduct subsistance hunting between the curfew hours of 04:00 and 21:00 daily, and only within your own province.

4.   We, therefore, withdraw our Newsletter Vol 16(31) of 07-06-2020 with heading, Suggested Documentation to Conduct Subsistence Hunting under Level-3 Lockdown

5.   We share your frustrations, but it is clear that government is trying to minimize travelling over provincial borders as much as possible to try and curtail the spread of covid.  There are a number of our more rural provinces which still have very low incidences of covid infections.

6.   You can download the relevant Gazette # 43564 of 28-07-2020 HERE -  see paragraph 3.

7.   The Directions (Regulations) referred to as being ammended by those contained in Gazette # 43564 of 28-07-2019, were contained in Gazette # 43409 dated 05-06-2020.  The Gazette of 05-06-2020 can be downloaded HERE

8.   Culling is still allowed - see Level 4 Lockdown Gazette # 43323 of 14 May 2020 HERE    BUT remember that you have to comply with the stipulations of the Regulations of 14 May 2020 in order to conduct culling (also under Level 3).


Please stay safe - the virus is still among us (as well as the ever present criminals)

Kind Regards

Natshoot Office

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