Printing of Licence Cards


VOL. 16 (36) - 09-07-2020


Dear member,

A large number of our members are waiting for licence cards to be printed and delivered to their respective DFOs.

The answer we get back when we ask SAPS about this issue is that the Government Printer was subject to the Covid-19 Lockdown Regulations, as was the Central Firearms Registry.

The CFR and many police stations are also currently closed because of staff being tested positive for the virus.

Both the CFR and the Government Printer are thus behind in evaluating licence applications and in printing licence cards.  We do not know how far behind (rumours suggest as much as two months, but we cannot confirm that for fact).

It is unfortunately the best information we can provide members with in this regard, other than to say we share in members' frustrations.

Members are advised to keep on calling their DFOs to ask when their licence cards will be available for collecting.

We shall keep on putting pressure on SAPS to expedite licence card printing and deliveries.

Please stay safe and protect yourself at all times (both against criminals and the damn virus)

Natshoot Office

This Newsleter sent to all members via Email on 09-07-2020