Alleged Fraud with Firearm Licensing


VOL. 16 (34) - 17-06-2020


Dear Member,

We have sent the following Email to the Minister and Deputy Minister of Police, and to the National Commissioner of Police as well as to the Head FLASH, in reaction to the SAPS media statement issued on 16-06-2020 in respect of the topic of this Newsletter.

The Email speaks for itself, as does the media statement issued by Brig. Naidoo.

As you are aware, Natshoot strives to maintain a good working relationship with SAPS, albeit at times very difficult as SAPS does not always reciprocate.

Kind Regards

Natshoot Office



Dear Ministers and Generals,

We know that it is not easy to expose high ranking officials in one’s Department when things go wrong.  That is why Brig Naidoo’s attached media statement is of high significance and speaks of commitment and diligence.

The SAPS officers involved in the investigations, which clearly took a long time, must receive our highest accolades as we cannot even start to think how difficult it was for them to successfully fulfil an investigation of this magnitude. 

Please be assured that this investigation and its results, goes a long way in restoring public confidence in SAPS’s willingness to fight crime, because such a large section of this case is so "close to home”.

We, therefore, extend our sincere appreciation but also our sincere congratulations to SAPS on serious police work being conducted with diligence and with commitment.

Please be assured that the National Hunting and Shooting Association (Natshoot) will always work with SAPS in respect of firearm licensing issues as we believe that working together (SAPS and civil society), is the only manner in which we all can implement the FCA with good success.

With high appreciation


Dr Herman Els