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VOL. 16 (32) - 07-06-2020


Dear member

Because we love firearms and ammo, Facebook declined our application for WhatsApp for Business.

You as a member are our first priority, we have persisted and found another platform which is not politically motivated and is at the same time more secure.

It works exactly like WhatsApp, it’s called Telegram. This way we can give better and faster service to you.

Find us under the username @Natshoot on Telegram -…

Step 1 – Download Telegram on your Play Store or App Store -
Step 2 – Search Natshoot
Step 3 – Add to Contacts
Step 4 – When you have any questions – you can send us your inquiry for fast replies

We also have a Natshoot News channel on Telegram where you can get quick news to send to your device. Join hereNatshoot News Telegram channel

Why does not Natshoot want me to join Telegram?

We are experiencing a high call volume and this can be very frustrating as a member to get through on the telephone no. Telegram is a fast and easy way to get answers to the questions you might have.

More information and FAQ’s on Telegram -…

Kind Regards
Natshoot Office