Newsletter Withdrawn


VOL. 16 (31) - 07-06-2020


The posting of this Newsletter communicated to all members via Email on 07-06-2020

Dear Member,

The Minister of Environment, Forestry, and Fisheries has published Level-3 Directions in respect of the prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 relating to the biodiversity sector, in the relevant Government Gazette on 5 June 2020.

You can download that Gazette HERE

Three relevant main points contained in the Gazette in respect of hunting under Level-3 Lockdown, are as follows (paragraphs 6.2; 6.3 & 6.4):

a.    The provisions of the Directions have reference to the game animals usually hunted on exempted and open farms during the annual hunting season;

b.    “Culling and subsistence hunting are permissible” (permissible = allowed).   "Subsistence Hunting" means hunting for the primary purpose of the hunter acquiring game meat for food security (thus to put food on the table);

c.     “Moving, conveying or otherwise translocating of live or dead specimens or products is permissible, including across district, metro or provincial borders, subject to the permit required by the Regulation”.


The Directions issued in the Gazette are not as clear as one would like them in respect of how subsistence hunting may be conducted and if an overnight stay is allowed or not (we suggest rather err on the side of caution until we have more clarity on travel and stay-overs in Level-3).

Members are at all times in their person responsible for how they act on our considered advice following below:

1.     We advise that members try and hunt within their own Province when conducting subsistence hunting for as far as it is possible - just to be on the safe side (obviously how you decide to act remains your own responsibility).

2.     Remember that the people who conduct roadblocks are not always 100% informed on hunting regulations and what one may or may not do in terms of hunting under Level-3 Lockdown.  We, therefore, suggest that you rather have too many documents with you than too few. 

3.     We suggest you make sure you have at least the following documents with you in a neat folder when you travel to conduct subsistence hunting (hand the whole folder to the official at the roadblock and indicate that these are the official documents required for you to conduct subsistence hunting):

3.1    A printed copy of Government Gazette Vol. 660 No. 43409 as published on 5 June 2020 with paragraphs 6.2, 6.3 & 6.4 highlighted – Download HERE

3.2    The officially required permit to conduct either culling or subsistence hunting as graciously supplied by SAAI in this web page – Access HERE    An example of the document once it has been generated through the Saai website can be read here - Read HERE This document must be completed and signed before you depart on the subsistence hunt.

3.3    Just to be on the safe side, we suggest you also ask the farmer where you hunt to complete a copy of the WRSA supplied Permit for subsistence hunting, which you can Download HERE   This document must be completed and signed before you depart on the subsistence hunt.

3.4     In the Western, Eastern, and Northern Cape one needs a provincial hunting license irrespective of the hunt being conducted on an open farm or on a farm declared to have been adequately enclosed. Get one before you go on the hunt in these provinces – see information on this web page - Download HERE 

3.5     In all other provinces, you need a provincial hunting license if you hunt on a so-called open farm (not exempted) and you can only hunt within the provincial hunting season as declared by the relevant province for the species you want to hunt on an open farm.  Make sure you get a hunting permit (license) before you go and hunt on an open farm.

3.6     In all other provinces, one does not need a provincial hunting license if one hunts on an exempted farm, and the ordinary Permission to Hunt and Transport Game Meat form issued by your association or by the farmer is adequate. Natshoot members can download the Permission to Hunt and Transport Game Meat form on this web page -  Download HERE

3.7     You ID document

3.8     Your firearm licenses (the originals not copies)

3.9     Any additional documents you can get from the landowner

Please do not make your Subsistence Hunting trip a family holiday excursion as your actions can have serious negative impacts on the little advantage the Level-3 Departmental Directives afford all hunters and game farm owners

If you have to take your wife because she participates in the subsistence hunting, we suggest you get a complete set of the above documents for her as well.  We also suggest you make sure you have documentary proof why you have to take your children with you on a subsistence hunt (we suggest you don't take them if you do not absolutely have to).  Remember there is still a 60% limit to the number of passengers in a vehicle

Please also stay within the prescripts of the official Regulations re Level-3 Lockdown – Download HERE 

Kind Regards, Natshoot office