Newsletter Withdrawn


VOL. 16 (30) - 04-06-2020


Dear Member,

We have received an invitation from the well-known conservationist and big game hunter, Ron Thomson of True Green Alliance (TGA) fame, who offers our members the last copies of sets of high quality Africana books of which he is the author (purchased at R500 per book in a set of 6 books + 1 companion book to the series).

Ron's authoritative experience and knowledge of big game hunting and of conservation through sustainable use is sincere, realistic and legendary.  Ron is currently through TGA in a concentrated fight with animal rights movements on behalf of all hunters world wide.  This is an action we at Natshoot support in all aspects - we just wish we could do more to assist Ron and TGA in this struggle on our behalf.

Ron indicates that he is prepared to make a donation of R500 per set of books a member would buy, to the Natshoot Conservation Fund.  We, however, would like to request members who buy a set of books to please rather ask Ron to donate that amount to TGA as the monies will go for a very worthy sustainable use and conservation purpose with TGA.

Here follows Ron's offer to our members:

Book Sales to Generate Donation Funds for your Organisation (we have indicated that we would prefer if that donation is rather made to TGA)

All hunters who talk about the virtues of hunting and hunting ethics, get around to the expressions ‘fair-chase’ and ‘free-range’ sooner or later; and how much better it was in colonial days when you and the game animals you were hunting could run away to the horizon and beyond, if you and they had a mind to do so. And there are few hunters alive today who can say that THAT is how they conducted their big game hunting in their younger days. As a big game hunter employed to shoot problem animals by the Rhodesian Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management (1959 - 1983) I was one of those fortunate people who did conduct his big game hunting in such a fashion “in the good old days”.

I have shot many thousands of elephants; many hundreds of buffaloes, and enough lions (including six man-eaters) and leopards to qualify as being an expert in their hunting; and I have captured, on my two flat feet, with a dart gun, and moved to safe havens, 140 black rhinos. So, I have hunted Africa’s BIG FIVE game animals aplenty. Furthermore, for 16 years I operated as a Tracker-Combat Unit leader for the military during the Rhodesian Bush War. So, I have done it all – including being a Hunter of Men.

So, my experience is as varied as it is vast. And it is from all this experience that I have drawn the select stories that I tell in my big game hunting books.

As you know, I have written six Big Game Hunting Memoirs books in which all my most exciting hunts (and related interesting anecdotes) are recorded. And my book, MAHOHBOH, is the companion book to the series. There are, therefore, seven books in the complete “memoir” series. These are likely to be the last of any books which record the hunting of Africa’s BIG FIVE animals in colonial Africa. So, people who possess copies of these books will find that they will become valuable assets in the years to come.

Only 1,000 copies of each book were printed, so they are limited editions and collector’s copies. Each book is numbered and the owner’s name and his publisher’s registry number, is recorded on the collector’s page in calligraphy. Each book is also signed by the author and dated. So, they are very special hunting books.

Already, many professional hunters and game lodges have bought full sets (all seven books) for their clients to read in their hunting lodges; others have purchased full sets for their special hunting clients overseas. And they have also bought full sets for their own private libraries.

I still have a number of full sets (x6) available.

I have a proposition to make to all South African hunters, their organisations and our game ranch organisations – including: PHASA/CHASA/NATSHOOT/WRSA/ S.A. HUNTERS and others.

I propose that if these organisations will encourage their members to buy the six memoir book series, and for every book series purchased, I will donate R 500 to the association’s donor fund to do with as they please. Unfortunately, the book MAHOHBOH, copies of which are now very low in number, is not included. Mahohboh, however, will still be available, for separate purchase while stocks last. The six books are:

(1) God Created Man the Hunter;

(2) Stand Your Ground;

(3) In the Shadow of Nyaminyami:

(4) Black Rhino;

(5) The Sky Came Tumbling Down; and

(6) Game Rangers at War.

They are valued at R 500 each; and they will be delivered (Post Net to Post Net) free of charge.

If you want to know more about these books, please look them up on my personal website:

I would be most grateful if you would include this information on your regular news letters to your members.

Kind regards,

Ron Thomson