Plea to Minister to allow subsistence hunting under level-3 Lockdown


VOL. 16 (28) - 28-05-2020


Dear Member,

1.     As members know Natshoot does not inform members of important matters concerning the Firearms Act without the information first having been contained in a Government Gazette.

2.     However, this is a situation where we believe that we have to inform members of important information before it is printed in the Government Gazette.

3.     We have it on good authority that Parliament has approved the extension of the amnesty from 1 June 2020 to 30 November 2020.

4.     This extension will only be legal once the Government Gazette containing this notice has been published.  However, it takes the government printer some time to print a Gazette and we expect the notice to be made available only over the coming weekend.

5.     Members will have to decide to participate in the current Gazetted amnesty if they have to.  Or they could take the chance to accept that the extension of the amnesty will be Gazetted over the coming three days, and then participate in the amnesty after 1 June 2020.

6.     We shall inform members of the printing of the relevant Government Gazette the moment the government printer makes the electronic version thereof available.

Kind Regards
Natshoot Office