SAPS Accept licence renewal applications and competency applications in Level 4 of Lockdown


VOL. 16 (20) - 08-05-2020


Due to the slow communication process of SAPS we advise that members please give them time to circulate the Directive referred to in this Newsletter please.  It might be better if you go to your DFO after 14 May 2020, or probably better early next week (18 May 2020) when the Directive would have been circulated to all (accept that there are stations in deep rural areas who would not have received the Directive by end of this week).

Dear Member,

We have this morning received a SAPS Directive issued by Genl. Mamotheti (Head FLASH), dated 07-05-2020, stipulating that SAPS at all stations have to accept all applications for renewals under Level 4 of the Lockdown.  Applications for new licences under the amnesty can also be submitted.

We have also received an Email from the Registrar, dated 08-05-2020, confirming that SAPS will accept all licence renewal applications under Level 4 Lockdown.

Members can thus submit all renewal applications at their DFOs as per normal.

At the same time SAPS are ordered to at all stations continue with the normal procedures under the firearms amnesty which at tihs stage still ends 31 May 2020. 

Remember not all police stations have access to Email and all stations might not have received the directive yet.  So we advise rather wait until next week for the directive to make its rounds to all police stations before taking in applications.

BUT IN ALL INSTANCES - download the directive and the Email received from the Registrar and take these documents with you when you want to submit applications to show your DFO that s/he is under orders to accept your applications.

Download the relevant SAPS directive, dated 07-05-2020, instructing SAPS to accept applications HERE

Download Email from Registrar, dated 8 May 2020, indicating that SAPS will accept applications HERE

We urge members who have lapsed white licences and who have not yet participated in the amnesty to seriously consider partaking therein before 31 May 2020.  Obviously it remains your own decision to participate in the amnesty if you have a firearm with a lapsed white licence.

You can read the procedures of the amnesty in our Newsletter of 17-01-2020 HERE

Please let the office know if you run into any difficulty in this process at your police station.

Kind regards

Natshoot Office

All members informed of this Newsletter via Email on 08-05-2020