Government's lead in preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 16 (09) - 25-03-2020


Dear Member,

In a Government Notice dated 25-03-2020, Dr Dlamini Zuma announces a number of amendments to section 27(2) of the Disaster Management Act of 2002 (Act 57 of 2002) in order to fight the spread of this dangerous virus.  The Chapter 2 Regulations will be in place from 24:00 on 26 March 2020 to 24:00 on 16 April 2020.

The relevant sections of the notice, which we urge our members to seriously take note of, are the following:

Sections 6 & 7 (p. 03) - it is clear government is serious about enforcing strict rules to curtail the possible spread of the virus (remember the enforcing officials include police and defence force members);

Section 8 - Chapter 2 (p. 04) - definition 11B - restriction on movement of persons and goods - read this carefully;

Section 8 - Chapter 2 (p. 05) - definition 11C - prohibition of public transport - read this carefully;

Section 8 - Chapter 2 (p. 06) - definition 11E - no compensation for loss caused by bona fide action of an enforcement officer under these Regulations;

Section 8 - Chapter 2 (p. 06) - definition 11G - penalties for transgression of 11B(1) and 11B(4) - read this carefully;

Annexure B (p. 08) - Categories of (a) Essential Goods and (b) Services during Lockdown;

Annexure D (p. 10) - Places and premises closed to public during lockdown - make sure you read the contents of this Annexure carefully

Download the Government notice Here

We reiterate that at Natshoot (NHSA) we believe it is now a time to stand together in a concerted endeavour to prevent a probable serious national medical disaster.

Kind regards

Natshoot Office

All members informed of the posting of this Newsletter per Email on 25-03-2020