Natshoot Activities and the Covid-19 Virus

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 16 (08) - 23-03-2020


Dear Member,

1.   Like all other South Africans, Natshoot members are affected by the latest government measures to try and prevent the spread of this virus.

2.   These responsible but at the same time necessary movement restrictive measures will be in effect from midnight 26 March 2020 to midnight 16 April 2020.

3.   The Natshoot Exco has taken the stance that there is adequate time after 16 April 2020 for our members to conduct the two required activities to retain dedicated hunter status, and the two required activities to retain dedicated sport-person status before 30 November 2020. 

4.   If for whatever reason the time frame up to 16 April 2020 is lengthened, we will again revise our position re logging of dedicated activities for 2020.  Members will obviously be informed should these changes become necessary.

5.   Members who are currently in the process of completing dedicated courses and who have not yet conducted the practical, are advised to seriously consider to rather complete the practical section of the course after 16 April; that is if you do not have a NHSA registered private shooting range on your property. 

6.   Members can still enrol for the Natshoot dedicated courses within the paragraph 2 mentioned dates if they would so wish.

7.   If you choose the digital download version of the study material, you will be able to complete the electronic online evaluation (we do not yet know how government actions will affect courier services if you would choose the printed material).  You will, however, have to wait for access to a shooting range to complete the practical from 17 April 2020 if you do not have a NHSA registered private shooting range on your property. 

8.   All other business of Natshoot (NHSA), which can be conducted electronically will continue in the normal manner (as you know the Natshoot personnel work from their individual home offices).

9.  Please take serious note of all precautions and warnings regarding this virus and the spreading thereof.  This time it’s not just the other people who will become infected.

Kind regards

Natshoot Office 


 This Newsletter sent to all members via Email on 23-03-2020