VOL. 16 (33) - 15-06-2020


Dear Member,

Despite Subsistence hunting being allowed as wildlife management activity under Level-3 Lockdown Regulations, it has become clear that SAPS are interpreting subsistence hunting as a recreational activity.  Consequently,  subsistence hunters have been turned back on provincial borders who have gone on legally executed subsistence hunting excursions.

The above actions of SAPS follow a NATJOINTS (National Disaster Management) instruction to the Dept of Environment Affairs to communicate to their stakeholders that subsistence hunting is deemed to be a recreational activity despite the Department’s officials had explained in writing and in meetings that subsistence hunting is to put meat on people’s tables.

The Dept of Environmental is in consultation with NATJOINTS to clear up this misunderstanding.

Until the misunderstanding has been cleared, we advise that members try and conduct subsistence hunting in their own province and ascertain they have the necessary documentation as suggested in our Newsletter Vol. 16(31) - HERE

Members are reminded that damage-causing animal control has been permitted under Level-4 Lockdown already.  In this regard, our Newsletter Vol. 16(25) contains our suggestions as to the documentation we suggest one carries when one goes to do damage animal control - HERE

In the meantime, members could also read the statement of WRSA on this issue as reported in the Game & Hunt Daily of 15-06-2020 - HERE

We advise that members rather choose caution in conducting subsistence hunting until we know the outcome.  We shall advise members the moment we know.

Kind regards
Natshoot Office

All members informed of the posting of this Newsletter by Email on 15-06-2020