VOL. 16 (61) - 15-12-2020


Dear Member,

1.    What a funny year.  This nearly passed 2020.  The year of the virus, the year of the “double” firearm amnesties, and the year in which green licences saw their demise.

2.    Speaking of amnesty; we advise that members who have lapsed white licences and have not yet participated in the amnesty, which ends on 31 January 2021, to seriously consider partaking in the amnesty. 

3.    If you are in possession of a firearm with a lapsed white licence, please don’t doubt it that SAPS will take you to task comes 1 February 2021 for being in possession of such an illegal firearm.  The best case will be if they just come to fetch that firearm; but they could very well ask the owner of such a firearm to go with them too. 

4.    At Natshoot we are of the opinion that it is not worth getting a criminal record because of one firearm held illegally (with a lapsed white licence).  Remember SAPS know where you live and that you did not renew the licence of a specific firearm on time.  They also know that you did not participate in the amnesty in a bid to get the firearm again licensed under your name (and that you therefore have an illegal firearm in your possession).

5.    All information regarding participation in the amnesty can be read off the Newsletters referred to at the bottom of this Email.

6.    In terms of Green licences.  Green licences are 100% legal, provided you never applied for a white licence for that firearm.

7.    If you have only a green licence for a specific firearm, go to your DFO and make sure you did not apply for a white licence for that firearm during the transition.  Even if you did not receive a white licence, it could well be that you did apply for renewal in the transition period, and that you had just forgotten. 

8.    If the SAPS system shows you have a white licence for a specific firearm, make sure it is still valid (even if you did not receive the white card).  If a white licence has been issued, and it has lapsed, participate in the amnesty before 31 January 20201 for you own best protection.

9.    On to more pleasant discussion.  Despite the virus and the lockdown, our evaluators still received >52,500 postal targets from our members to evaluate, plus >89,000 activity entries from our members to evaluate.  If that does not ooze member-diligence in firearm use, nothing else will.   Thank you to all our members for being as diligent in respect of your firearm ownership as you are (that beats the plea for taking away our firearms hands down).

10.   We go into 2021 with a new system, which has a few gremlins we shall iron out during December, so that our members can have the benefit of a faster and more user friendly Natshoot Member Portal to work from.  The new system also makes the workload for our staff easier to handle. 

11.    In closing, we wish all our members and their families a safe and enjoyable festive season, and we hope that the best of your 2020 will be the worst of your 2021.

12.    Thank you once again for your diligent support of the Natshoot ideal.

13.    You can access the four relevant Newsletters regarding participation in the current amnesty, on this web page -

14.    You can read the procedure to apply for a new licence against a Green licence in this Newsletter -

15.    Please be aware of what is around you at all times, and please do not contract that stupid dangerous virus (at least wear your mask).  AND please do not disarm yourself because you do not renew your firearm licences on time in the new year (submit at least 90 days before the licence lapses).

15.    The office closes at 12:00 today and will reopen on 14 January at 08:30 - take care !

Kind Regards, Natshoot Office


 This Newsletter sent to all members via Email on 15-12-2020