Responses to Questions: Members' Urgent Assistance Needed Please

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 15 (34) - 14-12-2019 


Dear Member,

We have had overwhelming response to our request for assistance with the four questions we asked you yesterday.

By 18:00 on 16-12-2019 we had received 5,442 responses at the Email address [email protected], which represents 15,2% of all our members.  Academics will tell you that receiving a 10% response to electronic questionnaires like we sent you yesterday is actually quite good.

As always, our members excelled well beyond that number.  Thank you !

Question 1 - Do you believe you need a firearm for self-defence - was answered by 5 437 (99,9%) of all respondents.  Of these respondents 99,2% answered YES, and 0,8% NO.

Question 2 - Do you have a firearm of which the white licence has lapsed - was answered by 5,355 (98,4%) of all respondents.  Of these respondents 17,6% answered YES, and 82,4% NO.

Question 3 - Would you like to renew your licence if it had lapsed - was answered by 5,241 (96,3%) of all respondents.  Of these respondents 97,6% answered YES, and 2,4% NO.

Question 4 - Are you comfortable handing in your firearm with SAPS pending outcome of the renewal of your lapsed licence - was answered by 5,366 (98,6%) of all respondents.  Of these respondents 1,0% answered YES, and 99,0% NO (better not to mention some of the comments made by some respondents with their NO answers).

Although one cannot come to full blown conclusions against the above figures, they do indicate tendencies; which will probably not be far off if all NHSA members could participate in such a questionnaire.

Once again thank you very much !  These figures will be used fruitfully.

We shall not trouble you again before next year.

Dr Herman Els (Executive Chair)

This Newsletter sent to all members on 14-12-2019 per Email