Responses to Questions: Members' Urgent Assistance Needed Please

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 15 (33) - 13-12-2019 


Dear member,

In follow-on of our question re your experience with the amnesty in our Email of 09-12-2019 (Newsletter Vol. 15[30]) we request you to please urgently assist us by quickly answering the following questions.

Just click the Reply button on your Email programme when you receive this Email, and Type the number of the question followed by your answer YES or NO. 

Or Copy and paste the text below in an Email you send to [email protected] and just type YES or NO behind the question please

1.   Do you believe you need a firearm for self-defence?   Type YES or NO

2.   Do you have a firearm of which the white licence has lapsed?  Type YES or NO

3.   Would you like to renew your licence if it had lapsed?  Type YES or NO

4.   Are you comfortable handing in your firearm with SAPS pending outcome of the renewal of your lapsed licence?  Type YES or NO

We know it is the holidays, but we really urgently need our members’ help here please.

Kind regards.
Dr Herman Els (Executive Chair)

This Newsletter sent to all members per Email 13-12-2019