NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 15 (26) - 11-11-2019


Dear Member,

For 99,9% of our members the content of this Newsletter is "useless information".

It is, however, our duty to inform all our members that we have had to take disciplinary action against a very small number of people who had submitted false documents and targets to make up for activities they need to maintain dedicated status with.

In one answer to our disciplinary action, a person said that he did not think that it was that serious.  So, he falsified official NHSA documentation to suit his purposes.  You can make of that what you want.

We assure all our members that we shall without exception stick to the very letter of the procedures prescribed for category 1 transgressions of our Disciplinary Code in order to protect your legal firearm ownership and our accreditations.

We again apologise for having to post this kind of Newsletter.

If you would want to refresh your mind re the NHSA Code of Discipline you can again read it HERE 

AMNESTY: We shall inform members on the exact stipulations of the coming amnesty the moment we know what it entails.

Please stay safe and vigilant at all times.

Dr Herman Els
Executive Chair

This Newsletter sent to all members per Email on 11-11-2019