2017/2018 Crime Stats:  Self-Defence More than Ever a Reason to Licence a Firearm

 NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 14 (43) - 28-11-2018


Dear Member,

If one was looking for near irrefutable proof that it will be illogical and severely irresponsible of the powers that be to take away self-defence as a reason for licensing a firearm (if ever that comes on the table), one does not have to look much further than at the minutes of the 24 October 2018 meeting of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Police (PPCP). 

On that day the PPCP discussed the presentation and analysis of the 2017/2018 crime stats made by the Civilian Secretary for Police Service (CSPS) . 

The presentation addressed murder as a measure of crime stats, measuring murders at police station level, relevance of other offences and SAPS’ performance measures. The presentation also covered the SA National Victims of Crime Survey and provided recommendations.

The minutes of the mentioned meeting does not present any reason to alter any negative stance one has on the severity of crime in this country.  Nor on the fact that the public are subject to this situation mostly because of inadequate police protection (that should possibly read “…severe lack…” of protection).

The Minutes of the meeting also presents conclusive factual evidence why right minded politicians cannot even contemplate to vote for any amendment to the FCA, which would take away self-defence as reason for licensing of a firearm, if any such Bill was ever put before Parliament.

You can read the minutes of the mentioned meeting of the PPCP HERE

Please be very vigilant over the coming festive season!

Kind regards

Natshoot Office

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