So-called Groenewald Amendment Bill Stopped by Portfolio Committee

 NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 14 (42) - 21-11-2018


Dear member,

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Police on 20-11-2018 stopped the so-called Groenewald Private Member's Bill from being placed before Cabinet. 

All opposition party members on the Portfilio Committee voted for the Bill to be sent to Cabinet, causing the chairman, Mr Beukman [ANC], to cast a decisive vote as the ANC members did not support the Bill from being sent to Cabinet.

The Bill proposed an amendment to the FCA to allow for the payment of administrative fines in order to create a process whereby legal firearm owners could hand in licence renewal applications late.

If you have a firearm of which the white licence has expired, our advice as per our Newsletters in this regard, thus remains the only way in which members can legally act in respect of such firearms.

Please see our Newsletter Vol. 14(20) dated 24-06-2018

And our Newsletter Vol. 14(27) dated 11-08-2018

Kind regards
Natshoot Office

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