Gauteng DFOs to do Duty in Shopping Malls over Festive Season.

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 14 (39) - 19-11-2018


Dear Member

It is with sincere appreciation that we have taken note of a 2 November 2018 Directive of the Acting Provincial Commissioner for Gauteng (albeit it a little late).   The Directive states that SAPS will implement uniformed administrative staff to increase the police visibility in shopping malls in Gauteng over the festive season.  This in order to try and prevent the annual increase in crime in shopping malls over this time of the year.  This pro-active step by SAPS in Gauteng is supported and highly appreciated.

However, the list of officials to be so tasked to do duty in shopping malls for three days per week over the 9 weeks between 5 November 2018 and 4 January 2019, also includes all DFOs of all police stations in the province.

That would mean that for 60% of the working week of a DFO in Gauteng over the mentioned 9 weeks, s/he will be out of office and not able to deliver on ordinary DFO responsibilities re firearm applications of any kind.

We have accordingly written the Acting Provincial Commissioner, Maj. Genl. MS Masha.  In the letter we requested that he please excuse DFOs from that order, to enable them to render the required administrative functions towards legal firearms owners, which they are entitled to receive from government officials in line with the PAJA legislation.

You can read our letter to the Acting Provincial Commissioner, dated 19 November 2018, HERE

The Directive (order) issued by the Acting Provincial Commissioner on 2 November 2018 can be read HERE

Members are thus advised that they might get to their respective police stations in Gauteng for firearm related administrative reasons and find that their DFO might not be there for the above stated reason.

Please be certain to immediately make a sworn statement at the charge office to the effect that you were at that police station on that day and time, and that your DFO was not present due to other official police tasks s/he had to fulfil.  State what the nature of the administrative function was, which the DFO would have had to complete for you.  Also ask the policeman on duty to enter the making of your sworn statement into the register in the charge office.  Keep that sworn statement with you in case you need it in future if it should be required (especially applicants for renewal of firearms).

Please remain vigilant over the coming festive season

Natshoot office

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