Hardtimes ahead for Reloaders

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 14 (28) - 04-09-2018


Dear Member,

As is probably common knowledge by now, there was an explosion at the Rheinmetal Denel Munition depot in Somerset West yesterday (03-09-2018).  NHSA would like to extend it most heartfelt condolences to those families who lost members in that explosion.

It is reported that the explosion also destroyed (or partly destroyed) the facility where the propellant used for reloading, was manufactured.

This means that reloaders will probably face “hardtimes” in the coming months, as comparable imported propellants, are more expensive than the locally produced well-known range of Somchem propellants used by the absolute majority of reloaders in this country.

Members are reminded that the current Regulations on ownership of propellant, stipulate that one may hold 600 grams of propellant per licenced firearm, with a maximum of 2,4kg (2,400 grams) of propellant in total. 

According to SAPS propellant held by a private individual should be locked away in a safe.

However, it is possible to buy propellant in larger quantity and store that at the dealer where you buy the propellant, if s/he will be willing to assist you in that manner.  Then one can collect a can at a time from the dealer if one needs it for reloading.

Please take note that it is a serious offence to keep more than the allowed amount of propellant on your premises and that if found guilty in this instance, one’s competency to own firearms will definitely come into contention (thus also all firearms licences one possesses).

NHSA cannot be prescriptive in this instance, but we must warn against possible pitfalls our members might find themselves in when trying to obtain larger qualities of propellant because of the perceived non-availability of locally produced propellant for reloading for probably a considerable time.

It is reported on good authority, that the limitation of 2,4 kg of propellant might be increased to 10 kg of propellant early next year, but then only for dedicated hunters and/or sports-persons.  We shall inform members the moment we have more factual information on this aspect.

Kind Regards

Natshoot Office


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