Information Needed to Assist Members with Expired White Licences.

 NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 14 (22) - 12-07-2018


Dear Member

In the midst of the near chaos created by the police’s threats to persons to hand in those firearms for which their white licences had expired, after the Concourt’s judgment of 7 June 2018, NHSA has been actively involved in creating avenues to mitigate the inherent unfair situations which some of our members might find themselves in re their continued legal firearm ownership.

In addition, we have in this regard, also actively partaken in ongoing initiatives of the hunters forum in consultations with legal representatives of the Minister of Police’s office.

In order for us to continue to responsibly represent our members who might find themselves in this unenviable position re some of their firearms, we need to collect factually correct information from affected members to continue with some of the processes we have initiated.

FIRSTLY: Please let us know before Tuesday 12:00 if you find yourself in a position where you did not renew your white licence which expired between 5 July 2017 and 7 June 2018, because you acted on the information presented to you in our Newsletters Vol 13(19) and Vol. 13(20), both dated 4 July 2017.  Specifically because you acted on the content of paragraph 68.3 of the honourable Judge Tolmay’s order of 4 July 2018 (Newsletter Vol. 13(19)), in which she ordered all white licences (also those which had expired as well as those that would still expire) to be deemed valid until Parliament had amended sections 24 and 28 of the Firearms Control Act (thus implying that you did not need to submit a renewal application for your white licence which will still expire due to her court order).

We need you Initials and Surname and ID number, plus a copy of the specific white licence (front and back) please, plus a very short statement why you did not renew your white licence due to the court order.  Please send Email to [email protected]

SECONDLY:  Please let us know before Tuesday 12:00 if you found yourself in a situation where you wanted to renew your expiring white licence on time but were instructed to first renew your competency certificate for that firearm(s), and that due to this instruction from your DFO, your white licence expired and your DFO consequently did not want to accept your renewal application for such a firearm(s) after your competency’s renewal was concluded.

We need you Initials and Surname and ID number, the police station involved, a copy of the receipt you received when entering your application for your renewal of competency, a copy of the specific white licence (front and back) please.  We also need a bullet point explanation of the situation you were made subject to in this regard.  Please send Email to [email protected]

These are, unfortunately, the only two scenarios we can try and assist members with in this manner at present. 

In the meantime, GOSA has initiated court proceedings, also in a bid to find solutions to the current situation re handing in of firearms of which white licences have expired.  Their efforts, if successful, will benefit all firearm owners in the country.  If you would want to, you can consider making a financial contribution to their court case via their website -

If you have not done so yet, we once again urge you to please make sure you read our Newsletters Vol 14(20) and Vol. 14(21) on the Natshoot website.


Kind Regards

Dr Herman Els

NHSA Executive Chair

his Newsletter was circulated to all members per Email on 13-07-2018