SAPS Refusal to take in Firearms of which Licences had Lapsed

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 14 (18) - 12-06-2018


Dear member,

If you have a firearm of which the white licence had lapsed, and you did not apply for renewal thereof in time, you MUST please read our Newsletter Vol.14(16)

Members who are sent away from police stations when they want to hand in firearms of which the white licences have lapsed, must please immediately do the following:

-   Go to main desk in your police station.

-   Complete a sworn statement in your home language in which you make the following sworn statement:

-   I (Name and Surname) (ID number) was at the (name of police station) on this (day, date and time) to hand in a firearm for destruction of which the white licence has expired.

-   I was, however informed that SAPS could not take the firearm (give the reason your DFO gave for not wanting to take the firearm here)

-   Sworn under oath on this day …. at ….. time…... – sign the statement

State nothing further !

Let the policeman at the desk counter sign the sworn statement and stamp it.

Then you take that document home with you and protect it with your life.

Keep the firearm in your safe with the lapsed licence and the sworn statement to protect yourself in the event that SAPS might come to get the firearm from you – do not touch that firearm.

We shall inform all members of procedures SAPS announce on this issue as soon as we know.

Very Important:  Please also send a scanned copy of your sworn statement to the Natshoot office at [email protected] so that we are able to use same if we need to act against SAPS on your behalf.

Kind regards
Natshoot Office

This Newsletter sent to all members by Email on 12 June 2018