NHSA Members Contribute R49 Million to Hunt-economy

 NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 14 (08) - 22-02-2018


Dear member,

The report with the hunting statistics for game hunted by NHSA members in 2017, and the economic contribution they made in the process, is available on the Natshoot website under the Menu Heading, Hunting Plus (access report HERE).

This contribution is by no means the final figure in our members' contribution to the hunt-economy in this country.  Take into account that accommodation, travel, firearms and related aspects, meat processing, and taxidermy work, to name few elements of the total contribution, was not included into the very conservative figures portrayed.

Let no-one then say that hunters, through their sustainable use of our renewable natural resources, do not contribute to conservation, as the game ranches and  farms where our members hunt, can now continue to do the valuable work of biodiversity conservation they do so well.

Kind Regards
Natshoot Office

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