Research on Wildlife in Captivity:  North-West University

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 14 (02) - 16-01-2018


Dear Member,

We have received a request from North-West University to assist with research into  Wildlife in Captivity.

If you would want to you are requested to please assist with this task - it will only take few minutes of your time.

This is their text on the issue:

Dear wildlife lover, 
Tourism Research in Economic, Environs and Society (TREES) at the North-West University is conducting research to establish the demand and interest in visiting wildlife in captivity, specifically wildlife rehabilitation centres and wildlife sanctuaries in South Africa. This research aims to identify the profile of visitors to these establishments, the travel motives of visitors, the managerial aspects that contribute to a memorable wildlife viewing experience, as well as, the interpretation needs and requirements of visitors. This information is valuable not only from an academic perspective, but also for the conservation industry and stakeholders, in order to provide enhanced experiences to visitors, by minimising the impact on wildlife. 
All of the information is kept strictly confidential and minimal intrusion is made in terms of personal information. Completing the questionnaire should not exceed 15-20 minutes of your time. In the case that you feel uncomfortable at any stage of the survey, you are welcome to withdraw. If you feel the this research touches upon a sensitive topic, please provide constructive feedback at the end of the questionnaire (comments or recommendations). If you are interested in participating in additional or follow-up research, please provide your email address at the end of the survey. You are welcome to share this survey with friends and family.
Fully completed questionnaires will also stand a chance of winning one of five R100 vouchers at an outdoor lifestyle store of your choice. Please provide all necessary information for the draw at the end of the survey. Winners will be contacted via email.    
This platform is most effective on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 
Ethical clearance number: NWU-00146-17-A4
Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Any queries may be forwarded to:
Adam Viljoen 
North-West University: TREES


Kind regards - Natshoot Office