Final Results for 2017 National Competition Posted

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 13 (28) - 18-10-2017


Dear member,

The final results of the NHSA 2017 National Competition has been posted

See sub-heading - 2017 Competition - on Target Shooting Main Menu Item on Natshoot website please.

Thank you to all who participated as you once gain ascertained that the competition was a resounding success.  THANK YOU !!

Congratulations to our 3 Top-Guns and winners of the Top-10-Rifles and Top-10-Handguns categories.  These three competitions are constantly annually becomming more difficult to compete in due to the quality of the precision shooting of so many of our members

The quality of shooting exibited by our three Top Guns is exceptional and needs to be highly acclaimed.  Well done !   What an example to try and follow (do not disregard the quality of shooting of our Top Gun Runners-up as their shooting skills are just as exceptional).  Have a look for yourself.

Also, congratulations to all medal winners in the different competition exercises.

Medals will be couriered as soon as the making thereof has been finalised

You can read the results of the competition HERE

Kind Regards
Natshoot Office

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