Forced Increase in Membership Fees from 1 March 2017

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 13 (06) - 06-02-2017


Dear Member,

Due to the persistence of our very bad exchange rate and the related increases in tariffs across the board, NHSA has unfortunately been forced to increase its membership fees from 1 March 2017.

Annual Junior Membership Fees (13 to 20 years of age) will increase from R180-00 to R200-00 (VAT of R28-00 included).

Annual Regular Membership Fees (21 to 59 years of age) will increase from R350-00 to R375-00 (VAT of R52-50 included).

Annual Senior Membership Fees (60 years of age and older) will increase from R260-00 to R275-00 (VAT of R38-50 included).

We sincerely apologise for this forced increase in annual membership fees. 

We, however, have no other option if want to maintain the high standard of international server security we implement to secure our interactive electronic members database, and at the same time, maintain our standard of service delivery to our members.

The new membership fees structure will be implemented from 1 March 2017, and your renewal payment advice will thus from that date, reflect the “new” membership fee amount.

With Sincere Apology

Dr Herman Els
Executive Chair