Firearm Licence Awarded but no Licence Card Issued

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 12 (47a) - 20-10-2016


Dear member,

Despite our earlier communication that the printing of new licences was on date (according to a senior SAPS officer), it is clear that a growing number of our members are having serious trouble getting their printed new licences after applications have been approved.

If your are waiting for a new licence card for longer than 8 weeks after your new licence has been approved (application thus approved before 1 September 2016), please send an urgent Email to [email protected] before 24 Oct.

In the Email you need to indicate the following detail:

- Your ID number
- Initials and Surname
- Attach a copy of the receipt received when application was submitted
- Make, calibre, and serial number of firearm for which the new licence was approved and for which you are waiting for the licence card (give date of SMS which informed you that the new licence was approved if you had received such an SMS).

We shall make a list and forward to CFR in line with an indication by officers of CFR that they will try and assist in this matter.

Note that CFR will not communicate their actions to us, but that you will know if they have assisted you as they have indicated, when you are informed that the new licence card is with your DFO.

Also please note that licence cards for renewals are not part of this process.  If you handed in your renewal on time (before 90 days) your licence remains valid for as long as they take to evaluate your renewal application. 

We suggest that you always carry an authenticated copy of the receipt you received when you submitted your renewal application as proof that you licence is still valid despite the date on the card showing that it had expired.

Kind Regards
Herman Els