Please Renew Firearm Licences on Time

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 12 (46) - 19-10-2016



Dear member,

Please ascertain that you hand in the applications for renewal of your firearm licences at the latest, 90 days before the licence expires. 

We advise that you rather go 100 days before the licence expires as you might have to make an appointment with your DFO at certain police stations to conclude this process.

You can download the firearm licence renewal application form and the Annexure A that goes with it HERE

We know this an “old song” but we still every day encounter members with firearms of which licences have expired.

Remember that you still have to submit an extensive motivation for the use of the firearm also with renewals of licences.

Please note that on the Annexure A referred to here, you at section D 6, have to prove that you used the specific firearm for the original purpose it was licensed for.  Please do not be caught in a situation where you cannot prove this. 

Diligently log scores for your postal shoots or for the hunting and or sport shooting activities you participate in so that you can populate the document Scores & Activities Report which you can download at your Certificates page on your Natshoot web page.  If you are diligent you should have enough officially backed up proof of having used the specific firearm for its intended purpose refelected on this document.

In the case of self-defence firearms proof of use is not necessary, as you hopefully did not have to use it to defend your life.  But you still need an extensive motivation why you still need the firearm for self-defence purposes and why it is the last resort for protecting you life.  See examples of such motivations HERE

For hunting and sport shooting firearms you will have to show that you had indeed used the firearm for the purpose you originally applied for the licence.

At this stage the most renewal applications are for self-defence firearms (five year licence).  Remember to also renew the specific competency certificate if you only have one firearm of the type of firearm you have licensed for self-defence (i.e. handgun).

You can also download the renewal of competency application form and the Annexure A that goes with it, on the linked page above.

We once again urge you not to get caught up in a situation where you sit with a firearm for which you did not apply for renewals of the licence in time.  There is serious heart ache coming your way if you slip here.

Use the “My Firearms” page on your personal Natshoot web page to log all your firearm licences and their expiry dates so that you can be informed by our data base system well in advance of the coming expiry date.  The same function will also be up shortly in respect of your competency certificates.

Kind Regards
Herman Els