Approved Scores automatically reflect as approved activities

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 12 (44) - 11-10-2016


Dear Member,

Please remember that all your postal shoot scores are automatically also entered in your list of approved activities once the scores have been approved.

We kindly request assistance here please as the number of activities entered as target practice by members, of which the same targets are also entered as scores, effectively doubles the workload of our scores and activities evaluators.

We are nearing the projected mark of 3,200 targets for the 2016 competition, which must also all be individually evaluated in the month of October.  Please then also consider that the normal number of In-House targets which come to approximately 2,500 per month, plus the approximately 3,500 activity entries per month also have to be managed by our evaluators during October. 

We thus unashamedly ask your kind assistance here to help us lighten the considerable workload of our scores and activity evaluators please by being so kind as to not double the number of entries they have to evaluate as scores and as activities.

Please rather just enter your NHSA targets as scores, so that when the scores are approved, the same can reflect on your list of activities automatically (be these target scores for In-House or for 2016 Competition purposes). 

We extend a sincere appreciation for your kind assistance in this matter !

Kind Regards
Herman Els

The full text of this system of cross approval of entries can be read in our Newsletter Vol. 12(35) -