31 December 2016 Final Submission Date for 2016 Dedicated Activities

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 12 (41) - 09-09-2016


 Dear member,

This Newsleter is meant for our dedicated members.  Please ignore it if you do not have dedicated status with NHSA.

A friendly reminder to all our dedicated members to remember that the final date for reporting of activities in order to maintain dedicated status for 2016 is 31 December 2016.  If reported in time, and with membership paid up, you will then be compliant until 31 December 2017 and retain your dedicated status with NHSA.

In this regard, we beg of you to please take note of the contents of the NHSA Policy Document on maintenance of dedicated status - see Newsletter Vol 12 (07) - you can read it by clicking HERE

You will see we do not keep our members captive by forcing them to only participate in NHSA activities and postal shoots in order to maintain dedicated status with us.  But we do need to be informed of your huntng and or sport shooting activities during 2016.

Please be 100% sure you have read and understand the contents of paragraph 7 of said Policy Document.  There is unfortunately NO option for submitting 2016 activity reports after 31 December 2016 as we have to submit our annual report on maintenance of dedicated status of NHSA members to CFR on 2 January 2017.

Dedicated members who received dedicated status in 2016 do not have to report activities for 2016, but will have to do so for 2017 in order to be compliant end 2017 and for 2018.

Kind regards
Herman Els