Legal Advisory:  Firearm Licences

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 12 (38) - 12-08-2016


Dear member,

We suggest that if you want to do a barrel or calibre change to a firearm that you rather submit an application for a new licence (SAPS 271 form) than to use the change of information form the SAPS suggest.  With the SAPS 271 the barrel or calibre change gets logged onto the CFR system and the progress of the application is much better traceable.  Your decision though.

CFR has had some serious issues with printing of licences as it seems some of their printers were out of operation.  Please keep on calling your DFO if  you are waiting for a licence to be handed to you.  The only other way is to put your lawyer onto them in terms of the PAJA Act if you have been waiting for more than 4 months

The SA Hunters and SA Dealers court cases have apparently been added together (or might be), and the court date moved back to October this year.  We shall keep you informed of any development emanating from that court case(s).

Please be sure that you enter activities and postal shooting scores on your personal Natshoot web pages, as it will be seriously important to show participation when licences for sport and hunting rifles, shotguns, and handguns come up for renewal in the near future.  There is clear indication that CFR will not easily renew licences for these kinds of firearms if adequate proof of use of the specific firearm as per the original motivation, cannot be shown.

Please remember that renewals must be handed in 90 days before the expiry date of the specific licence.

Closing date for submission of dedicated activities on your personal Natshoot web page is 31 December 2016 – please be sure to read Newsletter Vol. 12(07) in this regard -

Keep on shooting (hunting nearly gone for this year – get a move on!)

Herman Els