VLT Arms & Ammunition Loyalty Card for Paid-up NHSA Members

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 12 (36) - 31-07-2016


Dear Member,

VLT Arms & Ammunition in Pretoria was so kind as to, on their own initiative, issue all our paid-up members with what they call, a NHSA / VLT Arms Loyalty Card.

This card entitles you to 10% discount for any purchase you would make from them.  Be that in-store or online.

The VLT arms store is well laid out, well equipped and well stocked, and it is a welcome pleasure to walk in and to browse what is on offer. 

Their online purchasing system is not yet 100% in place, but one can request a quote for a specific product from them online, on their website.  Paid-up NHSA members will then still be entitled to the 10% discount by attaching their NHSA / VLT Arms Loyalty Card in PDF format to their electronic order.

The web address for VLT Arms is - 

You will be able to get their contact details, telephone numbers, and their shop’s exact location and street address on their website.

For easy reference their street address is: No.1, Kilner Park Medical Centre, 255 Anna Wilson St, Pretoria, 0186, and their telephone number is 012-333-0170.  Write these particulars into your phone book now. 

Be sure to visit them at your earliest convenience, or to give them a call if you need anything (they are well stocked, and if they don’t have a product in stock, they will get it for you – still at the discount price).

NHSA thanks VLT Arms for this seriously welcome gesture, and assures their management that this benefit is highly appreciated by our members.

Your personal NHSA / VLT Arms Loyalty Card can be downloaded from the Certificates page on your personal Natshoot web page.

VLT Arms will be able to verify your paid-up status by typing in the numerical code at the bottom of your NHSA / VLT Arms Loyalty Card on the Contact Us page of the Natshoot website, which will take them directly to a page verifying your current paid-up status with NHSA. 

You can copy and paste the verification number at the bottom of your NHSA / VLT Arms Loyalty Card, which you can download from your Certificates page, to the correct place on the Natshoot website yourself and see how that system works (paste the verification code here -

A Newsletter explaining how the NHSA QR code system for verification of official NHSA documentation works, was posted as Newsletter Vol. 12 (12) on 1 March 2016 – read here

Use this advantage to your own benefit as frequently as you can by showing your NHSA / VLT Arms Loyalty Card (electronically on your smart phone or printed), every time you make an in-store purchase with them.  Or attach the downloaded PDF document to all your online purchases you make with them.

Once again, we extend a serious and big thank you to VLT Arms !

Ronèlle has taken control over my NHSA / VLT Loyalty Card.  She says she knows everything about big boys and their toys, and that I should, in any case, only buy with my eyes !


Kind Regards

Herman Els