New Activities Entry System Now Active on Members' Natshoot Profile Pages

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 12 (35) - 26-07-2016


Dear Member

The long awaited new Activities entry system for maintenance of dedicated status is up and running as from 08:00 on 26 July 2016 on your personal Natshoot web page (see the Activities item on the left side-menu of your personal Natshoot web page).

You will see that the format of entering of your Activities has changed a little bit.  The entry of Activities are now directly related to the categories indicated in our Policy document on Maintaining Dedicated Status contained in our Newsletter, Vol.12 (07) – See the Newsletters Page on the Natshoot web site -  

We still acknowledge all dedicated activities of our dedicated members, but require proof of each entry to be attached please.  Please see our Newsletter, Vol. 12 (30) of 08-06-2016 in this regard.

As has been indicated in the previous members’ Email, the approved scores you enter for your postal shoots will also now automatically reflect as an activity on your personal Activities page, and you will not have to also enter the approved postal shoot scores, as Activities too (only approved scores will automatically reflect as activities - remember the 2016 Targets have been available on the Natshoot web site since March 2016 = see

Please ascertain that you read Newsletter, Vol. 12(07) as well as Newsletter, Vol. 12(30) to avoid any mishaps or disappointments when entering your Activities.

Note 1:  As from 2016 the closing date for entering of annual activities for dedicated members is 31 December.  That, however, means that we have to include your name in a list we by Law have to send to CFR on the third day of January, annually, of those members who no longer comply with the maintenance of dedicated status with NHSA.  If you have thus defaulted by 31 December because of non-reporting adequate activities (or because as dedicated member your membership fees are outstanding), your name MUST by Law, be included on the said list as you do not comply to the requirements for maintaining dedicated status with NHSA.

Note 2:  This is not a threat, it is a mere factual statement.  We cannot place the accreditation of NHSA in contention, so we have to report the names of members who do not comply at the end of each year.  We also cannot try and protect one individual while the legal firearm ownership of 17,700 other members comes into contention because one member did not comply with the legal requirements to maintain dedicated status.

Note 3:  Remember not all accredited hunting and sport shooting associations have the same criteria for their members to adhere to, in order to maintain dedicated status.  We are thus here talking only about the NHSA requirements to maintain dedicated status.

Queries in regards to the above can be sent to [email protected]  

This Email is also posted as Newsletter, Vol. 12(35) on the Newsletters page of the Natshoot website (

Kind Regards
Herman Els