Competency Application Refused ?

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 12 (32) - 06-07-2016


Dear Member,

We are starting to identify a tendency that competency applications are refused with really poor reasons provided or for no real reason at all.

There is a possibility that we can take this issue up with top SAPS (CFR / FLASH) management within the next few weeks.

If your new competency application or renewal of competency application was refused for any category of firearm (handgun, shotgun, rifle, semi-auto rifle), within the past six months please send an Email to [email protected] before 24:00 on Monday 11 July 2016 (use only this Email address as Emails in this regard sent to any other Natshoot Email address will not be included on the list):

Please provide the following information:

ID number, Initials and Surname;

Category of firearm the competency was applied for (i.e. handgun, rifle, shotgun, semi-auto rifle);

Date and Police station where you submitted the competency application;

Attach a readable scanned copy of the receipt you received when submitting the competency application;

Attach a scanned copy of the document with the reasons for refusal on it you received from SAPS.

Please do not feel let down if we do not include your name on the list if you do not 100% comply with the required information on the specified date and time as stated above, as we cannot speak to these people without the facts.

We do not mean to say we shall sort out your problem, but we can surely bring it under top SAPS (CFR / FLASH) management’s attention and request them to have a second look at your application.

Kind Regards

Herman Els