Log your firearm(s) licence particulars and be notified of renewal dates well in advance

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 12 (31) - 04-07-2016


We have added a new useful feature to your personal Natshoot web page (see My Firearms), which will automatically remind you of renewal dates for your firearm licences, 120 days before they expire.

Fill out your list of firearms on your personal page, and use this function to your own benefit as it suits you.

The function will be updated and further developed as practice in the use of the function leads us.

Remember; the so-called Old Green Licences are valid and they carry the same legal “weight” as the new white card licences (even for the same firearm) - see NHSA Newsletters Vol 12(25) and Vol 12(26)

Also remember to renew firearm licences 90 days before they expire.  Go look now to see what the expiry dates of your licences are !

If you renew before 90 days of expiry, the "current" licence remains valid until SAPS have dealt with your renewal application (remember to carry a copy of the renewal receipt with you when travelling when the licence has expired to prove that you have applied for renewal).

If you renew within the 90 day period, we suggest you might consider rather handing in the particular firearm with a dealer, and then apply for a new licence as if you are buying that firearm from the dealer.  Reason being that when application for renewal is made within the 90 day period, SAPS procedures are that you have to hand in the firearm with SAPS to be kept in a SAPS Section 13 store until the application has been finalised (we are not certain that this is what you want).  Remains your decision though.

If your licence has expired the FCA indicates that you have to hand in the firearm for destruction.  But rememember the old green licences are legally valid.

Remember to also apply for renewal of your competency if you only have one firearm in a category (i.e. handgun, rifle, shotgun) as the specific competency also expires with the licence.

If you have multiple firearms in a specific category, SAPS are implementing a system whereby you must only renew the category competency when the longest outstanding licence of the category firearm expires (i.e. handgun, rifle, shotgun).

The fact that you might have one competency certificate on which it says you are competent to own handguns, rifles and shotguns, is for SAPS's administrative ease.  As one has to renew competency, one could very well then have three seperate competency certificates (one for handguns, one for rifles, and one for shotguns), as all renewal dates for your category competencies might not be the same.

Hopefully the coming SA Hunters court case to be heard in August, will result a much more meaningful system for renewal of firearm licences.  Watch this space as we shall notify you of the outcome of that court case when the time comes

Shoot straight when you go hunting or when you go target shooting and enjoy every moment thereof !!

Kind Regards