Proof Required for all Activity Entries from 9 June 2016

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 12 (30) - 08-06-2016


We are finding that an increasing number of members are entering activities without supporting documentary proof.

We have approved activities in this manner up to 8 June 2016 because the new system of activity reporting will only be in place within the next few days.

Unfortunately, from 9 June 2016 we will have to decline entries made without proof of the activity attached.  Any form of documentary or photographic proof of an activity can be attached.

In the past three weeks we have encountered a number of “bad" entries which we could prove did not take place and was entered under false pretences.  Disciplinary action is in process against those members.

As always rotten appels negatively impact us all in all sphere of our lives.

The NHSA policy on entering activities and the maintenance of dedicated status can be read under Newsletters on the website – see Vol 12(07).

You can copy the following link into your browser to take you to the Newsletter if you cannot click through to that page from here -

Please note that the function whereby scores entered on a member’s scores page will automatically reflect on his/her activities page, will only be active within the next few days.  Activity entries for postals will this still have to be made until we can advise members that the new system is in place – an Email will be sent to all members when that function is active within the next few days.

Please accept our apologies for the abrupt imposition of an Exco ruling, but we know members will understand that we have to protect the integrity of NHSA activity entries at all cost so as to in turn, protect the accreditation of NHSA with SAPS (CFR).

Kind Regards
Herman Els