NHSA Newsletter 

VOL. 12 (04) - 08-02-2016


It seems some of our members mis-understood the contents of the earlier Newsletter with similar heading.

Sometimes people who apply for a new licence for the first time, at the same time applies for competency for that class of firearm for the first time too. 

All SAPS is saying with the Directive is that they will no longer accept such applications at the same time (as from today’s date).  Thus applications on the forms SAPS 517 (first time Competency application) and SAPS 271 (new licence applications).

You thus have to submit your first time competency application for a specific firearm class first, and once you have received this competency, you can apply for the new licence. 

For first time licence applicants this is how we have advised our members to act all along.

If this procedure does not apply to your situation the Directive has no bearing on you.

However, take note that the Directive does not refer to renewal of competency (form SAPS 517(g)) or to renewal of licences (form SAPS 518(a)), which are about to expire.

If you have only one handgun for Self Defence, the competency is probably valid for 5 years just like the Section 13 licence is valid for 5 years for that specific handgun.

This then means you probably will have to renew handgun competency and the Section 13 handgun licence at the same time.

Do not allow your DFO to say you may not hand in the application for renewal of competency and renewal of a licence at the same time, otherwise you will be late with your renewal application.

The directive is very clear on this, and we suggest you take a copy of our Newsletter Vol. 12(03) in which the Directive is quoted, with you when you have to simultaneously submit an application for renewal of competency and renewal of a licence.  Show your DFO the specific reference to Forms SAPS 517 and SAPS 271 in the Directive.

If for one or other reason your DFO does not want to assist in this procedure, please call me from his / her office so that I can speak to him or her in this regard (012-343-3236 or 012-343-1078).

We foresee a lot of frustration here.  Remain calm and do not, under no circumstances, be in a “fighting mood” on this one – it will only be to your own detriment !!

We cannot see this Directive to be in place long as the implications as described above will cause mayhem with DFOs and applicants alike.  Unless the promised clarification Directive makes this position very clear re renewal of competency and of licences

We shall keep you abreast of any further happenings in this regard

Kind Regards

Herman Els