2015- New and Easier Format for Electronic Submission of Shot Targets

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 11 (03) - 14-01-2015


We have had an overwhelming reaction to the electronic submission of shot targets and of shotgun scorecards, since Exco had to give their approval for us to use the system due to the Post Office’s “non-existence” last year. 

Since our highly valued members started to enter scores on their personal NSA webpages late October 2014, we have had members enter scores for 4,533 targets. During the same time members entered 7,658 activities on their personal NSA webpages.  As the Yanks would say – Outstanding !!  And all of that in just a few days longer than 2 months and with the festive season in between too !

To us it seems that the new system works well for all.  The advantage of the new system is of coarse that members now have a record on their personal NSA webpage of their NSA postal targets shot during 2014 (or at least a large part thereof), as well of their hunting and/or sport shooting activities for 2014 (to be downloaded and printed at home, on a NSA letter head, in the very close future).

Seen in this light it must be clear to all why it is has just become impossible to enter target scores at the office.  Our members have responded exceptionally and we cannot thank and praise you enough for your positive attitude re this matter !

At this stage the finalization of the National Competition scores for 2014 could not be concluded.  We are, however, very close to finalization - the moment our IT people finalise the export function of the website entered scores into an Excel export format.  Thank you for your patience here too. 

You will understand that we just cannot enter over 900 competition scores in Excel spread sheets by hand so that we can rank the scores.  We just don’t’ have the personnel capacity nor the time to do that.  Because one has to be sharp with entering such scores one can also not employ a part-time person to read in the scores – that invariably means double work as all entries will have to be double-checked – then one could have read in the scores in the first instance.

Where we were initially a little sceptic about the possibility of a lack of credibility creeping into our postal shoots due to the electronic submission of shot targets, practice has shown that it is just as possible to realistically evaluate bullet strikes on electronically scanned targets than it is on the real thing (if said original targets would have been posted).

Our initial scepticism and emphasis on protecting the integrity of our postal shoots, caused us to initially create a little bit of a cumbersome bureaucratic process for electronically submitting shot targets.  But we are now quite sure we are able to, and are able to just as well, evaluate such electronically submitted targets.

Exco has, therefore, given their approval that we may streamline this process quite a bit.

As from the date of this Newsletter, it will not be necessary to submit receipts, or the compulsory declaration, or the range register with electronically submitted shot targets any more. However, shooting range receipts will still be required for electronically submitted shot targets meant for the practical part of our dedicated courses.  It’s a total different legally prescribed process than that required for entering scores for NSA in-house postal shoots (same with shot targets submitted for national competition purposes, but more of that in due time).

We have re-designed the targets for all exercises (you have a choice of black and white targets or of colour targets – some are already available on the website, but all will be available from 19 January).  Scoring rings have been standardised, and a short declaration has been inserted on the top right hand corner of each target, which is adequate to ensure the integrity of our postal shoots.  Members will be required to sign that declaration on each target (members had to sign the older targets in any case).

Stamps of shooting ranges must still be placed on the re-designed targets.  We are aware of the fact that not all shooting ranges have stamps.  But by now we are quite certain we know which few ranges do not have stamps (if there is no stamp then the person in charge of the range at the time of shooting the target must sign below the name of the range please)

The previous signature of the so-called range officer is replaced by the signature of a witness (with ID number) – witnessing that the target was indeed shot as the member has declared.

Thus only the target with all fields completed needs to be submitted (uploaded) when entering scores on your personal NSA webpage (no more separate declarations and/or receipts or copies of range registers).

There are, however, a few conditions members have to adhere to with the new way of electronically submitting shot targets (continue to protect the integrity of our postal shoots):

  1. The new system is only relevant for use with the set of new targets that can be downloaded from the NSA website (click on Target Shooting - Postals [left side menu] – then click on Target Shooting Exercises (Targets & Rules) - go to the relevant exercise and download the target(s), and also quickly read the rules of that specific exercise again;
  2. If members choose to electronically submit the older targets, the previous set of rules as prescribed in Newsletters Vol 10(7) and Vol 10(8) of 2014 will remain applicable, and strictly enforced;
  3. Prescripts as set out in the rules of each exercise will be diligently followed with no exceptions being made. Please do not become frustrated if we do not approve your scores if the following prescripts are not met 100%:
  • Correct exercise applicable targets must be shot with the correct calibre and with the correct firearm in strict accordance with the rules of that exercise (50m Rimfire rifle targets are NOT acceptable for in-house postals – use only the 25m target please);
  • All fields on targets must be completed and targets must be scored – incomplete targets will not be accepted and such scores will not be approved – clear communications will, however, follow, so that members can correct the target before re-submission;
  1. No targets will be accepted in hard copy posted to the office or sent via Email with the message reading something like “…I am not computer literate and cannot submit my scores electronically…” (please do not try – there is no gap there to slip trough – please find someone who can assist you - members are more than welcome to call me personally and I shall gladly assist).
  2. Members must enter their own scores on their personal NSA webpage and upload the relevant scanned target on the website before submission of scores (size of files do not matter any more).  Only exception being that shot targets may be faxed to 0866-069-521 if you do not have access to a scanner. There is no other way of submitting shot targets and their scores.

We know that it is yet another change of targets.  But we believe we have finally come very close to probably the better and most appropriate system we can devise in order to make it as easy as possible for our members’ submission of postal target scores and of shot targets, without having any negative effect on the maintenance of the integrity of our postal shoots.

Once again a very big thank you for the overwhelming proven responsible manner in which you all have made the new electronic system of submitting scores and scanned shot targets to work for us all.


Kind Regards

(keep sharp – keep vigilant – keep safe - and do not become newspaper statistics)

 Herman Els