What members get



The knowledge that you are a member of a firearms owners association, which is also a SAPS Accredited Hunting and Sport Shooting Association which makes your application for firearm licences and the continued legal possession of same, go a little smoother;

Appropriate access to Dedicated Hunter and/or Dedicated Sport-Person courses, which entitles one to legally own more than 4 firearms or a semi-auto rifle or shotgun, or three handguns and more;

Free of charge endorsement of technical applicability of purpose of use of firearms as stated in your motivation for firearm licence applications; be that handguns, rifles, semi-auto rifles/carbines and/or shotguns (issued within 24 hours after electronic application);

Access to free legal advice on firearm licensing and in making the highly technical nature of the Firearms Control Act (2000) easier to understand and to follow (strictly a members only service via our Firearms Helpline - [email protected] );

Regular Topical Newsletters with news of the association and current affairs concerning hunting and sport shooting and current issues in the implementation of the FCA;

Fast and effective electronic communications between members and NHSA, and access to always updated NHSA member documents on a member's personal Natshoot Member Portal; be that proof of membership or dedicated status certificates or endorsements;

Participation in the NHSA’s In-House Postal Shoots based on the postal shooting exercises of the NRA (USA), which members can participate in when it is most convenient for them (on any public accepted shooting range or on a Natshoot recognised privately shooting range);

Participation in the NHSA`s Annual National Postal Target Shooting Competition - where members can nationally, evaluate their precision target shooting skills against their peers (September every year);

Membership of an Association of which the membership fees are reasonable and affordable without a continuous increase in fees.  Although membership fees do have to be adapted from time to time,  NHSA′s membership fees have shown a conservative constant since 2005, with minor increases mainly due to VAT implications;

Applicable assistance with examples of successful motivations for firearm licence applications and access to affordable formal legal advice and service re firearms licensing and ownership if members should need such assistance.

At NHSA the only real down-side is that we do not communicate with members through third parties due to our adherence to the stipulations of the PoPI Act (Act 4 of 2013)