Personal Natshoot Documents


1.    Login to your Personal Natshoot Member Portal - see Top Right of Natshoot website Home Page


2.    Cell phone number you have with us in top line (no spaces between numbers)

3.    Your full ID or own Password which you created in bottom line (if you use ID - no spaces between numbers)  

4.    Click Login

4.1  You will land on this page (this is you personal Natshoot Home Page)

5.    Click on Documents

6.    Choose - Membership (documents) - Certificates - Endorsements

7.    Download the document(s) you need in PDF format

8.    Remember all Natshoot documents can be verified for their authenticity - see the QR-code in the bottom right side of all official documents

8.1  This Newsletter explains how the Natshoot QR-code system works - Authenticity of Electronic Generated Official NHSA Documentation.