AGM 2019-2020


19 February 2021 - per Zoom Webinar - 15:00 to 17:00

In accordance with the stipulations of Section 8(a) of the NHSA Constitution (2016), notice is hereby given of the fourth Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the NHSA to take place between 15h00 and 17h00 on 19 February 2021, via Zoom Webinar, which members are able to join on their computers or smart phones.

Due to Covid related issues the 2019/2020 AGM could not be held in 2020.

Agenda for AGM: 19-02-2021

  1. Welcome
  2. Attendance register
  3. Minutes of 2018/2019 AGM 13-09-2019
  4. Matters arising - none
  5. Chairman’s 2019/ 2020 Annual Review up to 31-01-2021 
  6. Accountant's Report 2019/2020 - NHSA (NPC) Directors signed auditors' report
  7. Appointing of Auditors 2021 - Suggestions from Accountant awaited for 2021.
  8. New Dedicated Status Reporting System to be implemented from 1 July 2022
  9. Closure

In light of the number of requests to attend the Natshoot AGM on Friday 19 February 2021,

Exco has decided that it is a better option to rather do the AGM as a webinar as more people can attend if they would want to in the safety of their own environments.

The link to the webinar will be sent to members per Email on Thursday morning - 18-02-2021. 

Members may login to the meeting from 14:50.  The webinar will close at 17:00

A Video of proceedings at the AGM will be made which will be posted on this web page after the meeting.

Member’s Right to Vote:  Section 8(m) of the NHSA Constitution (2016) stipulates as follows:  Every member personally present at a meeting shall be entitled to one vote whether the vote be taken by show of hands or by ballot.  Voting by ballot may be recorded either personally or by proxy.

Member may appoint a proxy to vote in his/her place:  Section 8(n) of the NHSA Constitution (2016) stipulates as follows:  The document appointing a proxy must be in writing and be signed by the principal or his duly appointed deputy or, should the principal be a juristic person, be signed by an official or representative authorised by the said juristic person.  A person holding a proxy need not be a member of the Association.  The holder of a general or special proxy granted by a member, shall have the right to vote if he be authorised by the proxy to attend the meetings and proceedings of the Association and to participate thereto whether he be a member of the Association or not.

Lodging, Validity and Duration of Proxy:  Section 8(o) of the NHSA Constitution (2016) stipulates as follows: The document appointing a proxy and the power of attorney or other authority, if there is one, by virtue of which it has been signed, or a copy of such a proxy certified by a Notary must be lodged at the registered office of the Association not later than forty-eight (48) hours before the time of the meeting at which the person designated in the document wishes to vote, and in default thereof the document of proxy will not be regarded as valid.  No document of proxy shall be valid upon expiry of six months after the date on which it was signed, unless specifically otherwise stated in the proxy and no proxy which could not have been exercised at the original meeting shall be valid at an adjourned meeting.

Proxies can be sent to [email protected]. To reach office not later than 14h00 on 18 February 2021 please.

A proxy to vote must contain the ID number of the member, his/her Initials and Surname, and the ID number, and Initials and Surname of the person to who the Proxy is extended.  Persons who hold Proxies must show the Proxy as well as proof of Identity at the AGM before they will be allowed to vote.