Sustainable Use in Video


Sustainable use is the single most important theoretical contributor to the conservation of the world's habitat and the wild species living therein.

Below are a number of videos which emphasise the need for sustainable use of wildlife as the only real form of conserving the planet's wildlife.  Please take the time to have a look at them.  Most are related to the situation in USA, but there is no reason for this scenario not being relevant in southern Africa - as a matter of fact, the principles contained in these videos are much more important to our continued interactions with wildlife in the sub-continent.

Conservation is an idealistic principle which has to be fought for and is not handed to us just because we think we deserve it, we have to keep on fighting for the right to hunt and for the right to promote conservation through sustainable use.  Only as benefit to humans can wildlife be of any value to humans, specifically in Africa and in southern Africa in particular, and therefore be worthy of conserving.  If not for us, then especially for our children in whose name we have today's responsibility to ascertain that our children will see wildlife as we have had the privilege to see and experience it.

In any other context wildlife will disappear.  Preservation (close off all human contact), ecotourism and photo tourism just cannot guarantee any long-term survival of wildlife as it is means nothing to the people living in the rural areas of southern Africa, other than for the people who are involved in propagating these visions to be the only true activities to protect wildlife in the long-run.  Animal rights movements make no contribution to conservation other than collecting money for the pockets of the people who carry the message that all animals are equal to humans (most of the time with facts skewed to support their untrue messages or fabricated).  Animals are not equal to human.  They have never been equal to humans and they will never be.  BUT we have to be responsible in the use thereof even if the principle of "...for our children..." is the only driving force for conservation - which can surely not be the only true driving force to ascertain conservation of all wildlife.

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