Renewal of Firearm Licences:

You have to apply for the renewal of your firearm licence 90 days before the expiry date printed on your licence.

Failure to renew your firearm licence means you are illegally in possession of such firearm and that you have in effect, forfeited such a firearm to the State.

Download the application to renew a firearm licence form, SAPS 518(a) HERE and Annexure HERE .  Complete the form in black ink and make sure you enter all fields required.

Again furnish an extensive motivation (use the original one) for the need of the firearm, and attach proof of having used the firearm for the purpose you had applied for its original licensing.  Again attach all relevant documentation (see licence application for these details).

Don’t slip here.  SAPS has in the recent past disapproved applications for renewals because applicants could not show that they had indeed used the firearm for the purpose it was originally licensed.

Licences for self-protection is to be motivated as was originally done with a clear indication and proof that the circumstances shown at original application, had not changed.

If you for one or other reason forget to renew on time, you MUST read our relevant Newsletter on the issue:  Read HERE

And lastly.  Remember that if you have handed in your application for renewal on time (before the 90 days), your licence remains valid until such time as the SAPS had decided your renewal application.  We advise that you make an authenticated copy of the receipt you receive at submission and carry that on your person with the licence as proof that you have applied for renewal.

In the event that the person you are dealing with does not want to accept your receipt, please refer him/her to Section 24(4) of the Firearms Control Act (Act 60 of 2000), which stipulates as follows: (4) If an application for the renewal of a licence has been lodged within the period provided for in subsection (1) (that subsection refers to the 90 days) the licence remains valid until the application is decided.

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