Long Distance shooting



Accepted appropriate dedicated activity: ONLY LONG RANGE PRACTICE SHOOTING BE ENTERED HERE.   Strictly only sport shooting long range target shooting.  Scores of NHSA Postal Target Shooting must be entered under Scores on a member's Natshoot Profile Page.

Proving documentation:  Only copies of range registers or of own score sheets or witness counter signed DOPE sheets or any other form of confirmation of participation in the activity are acceptable as activities.  Members may use any form of target (usually gongs) as is used on that specific long distance shooting range.  At submission, all documents submitted must please have the Initials and Surname of member on, the date the exercise was shot on, the calibre and type of firearm used, the name of the shooting range plus stamp if available, but definitely a witness signature which includes the cell phone number of the witness (if you can you may also include a copy of the receipt you received at the range on that day).  Correct confirmation documentation is important for appropriate evaluation purposes.

NHSA Postal Targets may not be used for Target Practice

Members are requested to keep originals of electronically submitted practice targets for at least three months after submission, and to ascertain that they keep documentation which can serve as confirmation that a practice target was shot on a specific range on a specific day for verification purposes by the NHSA office, should that be required (i.e. receipt, range stamp with date on target, photo of range register of the day, day shooter sticker issued at clubs, etc.).

Note 1:  target practice is to be conducted in a formal manner on an accepted shooting range or on a NHSA Exco approved farm range.

Exclusion 1:  shooting of tin cans or box targets behind the dam wall is not perceived to constitute target practice as an appropriate dedicated activity, as only sport shooting on publically acknowledge ranges or on an Exco approved farm/private ranges are perceived to constitute sport shooting.


Range Register

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