Final Step of the Course



1.    Once you have successfully completed your online evaluation and your score(s) has been approved for the practical of of your dedicated status, you may now apply to be awarded the relevant Dedicated Status (as is required by Law).

Do the following:

Step 1:    Login to your Member Portal.

Step 2:    Click on Dedicated Status button 

Step 4:  Click on Complete Application - finalise few questions required to finalise the dedicated status course

Your status will be updated within 3 business days once you’ve submitted your application for the dedicated status and you will be notified by Email, of the issue of your Dedicated Status Certificates and that these documents as well as your updated electronic membership card can be downloaded from your Certificates page on your Member Portal.

Always download all your updated personal NHSA documentation from your Certificates page on your Member Portal, and attach those to all and any application submitted to SAPS re firearm licenses.