After  you have succesfully completed your course, you will receive and Email indicating that you may now apply to be awarded the relevant Dedicated Status (as is required by Law).

Then do the following:

Step 1: Click on Login (top right of Natshoot Website frame)

Step 2:  Enter your cell phone number as user id and your id number as password (or your own if you had changed the default password)

Step 3:  Click on Apply Dedicated Status on left side-menu

Step 4:  Click on + Apply for Dedicated Status – top left side of personal pages screen.

Step 5:  Read text from top of screen all the way to the bottom of the page

Step 6:  Tick all blocks where you have to answer a specific statement or question (do not do this mechanically as quickly as you possibly can, without first reading the contents of each statement, as you are making statements which are legally binding on your person and on the continued legal ownership of your firearms)

Step 7:  Click on the Submit button - this will enter your application to the office

You will be notified by Email, of the issue of your Dedicated Status Certificates and that these documents as well as your updated electronic membership card can be downloaded from your Certificates page on your personal Natshoot web page.

Always download all your updated personal NHSA documentation from your Certificates page on your personal Natshoot web page, and attach those to all and any application submitted to SAPS re firearm licences.


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